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what we bring to the table

~ all massages are whole body therapy ~

The Couples Massage

60 minutes   ~   90 minutes

Two massage therapists, two massage tables and the two of you!

Share a peaceful journey with someone special,

nestled side-by-side, enjoying an amazing massage.

Celebrate togetherness!

Choose any massage service below for each of you.

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Soothing Swedish Massage

60 minutes - $120 p/p   ~   90 minutes - $170 p/p

 A light and medium pressure, soothing and relaxing massage

with no heavy or deep work involved.

Classic bodywork for everyone.


 Therapeutic Blend Massage

60 minutes - $135 p/p   ~   90 minutes - $185 p/p

Soothing Swedish whole body massage balanced by

deeper, more focused work on the neck, back and shoulders.

Our most popular massage.


Definitely Deep Massage

60 minutes - $150 p/p   ~   90 minutes - $200 p/p

Relaxing deep massage - a blend of techniques designed

to thoroughly work all major muscle groups, or

Drill-you-through-the-table deep.

Your choice.  No fluff.


 Mother to Be Massage

60 minutes - $135 p/p   ~   90 minutes - $185 p/p

A customized pre-natal massage especially designed

to increase circulation, ease tired muscles, and relieve stress.

Second and third trimester only.

Custom Sports Massage

60 minutes only- $150 p/p 

No matter your sport, from weekend warrior to pro athlete,

maintain or improve your muscle flexibility and range of motion,

or focus on your acute or chronic injury.

Custom Sports includes stretching.

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~ purely professional mobile massage services ~

Please note that all massages are ethical and therapeutic in nature. 

Inappropriate behavior or language is unacceptable

 and the service will be terminated with the scheduled payment due in full.


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