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the luxury mobile couples massage team in las vegas



the luxury mobile couples massage team

delivering exceptional massage for two services

in room or at home in las vegas


all the tiny details make a great couples massage

all the tiny details make a great couples massage

things you need to know

 for your in room or at home

massage for couples 

schedule your couples massage

We recommend a 24-hour advance booking. Same day appointments are often accommodated. Depending on your schedule and our availability, we may be able to arrive within two to three hours. Third floor and above require an elevator.

before the couples massage

We will arrive a few minutes prior to your scheduled time. We will arrange the furnishings to create space for your massages and set up.

Enhance your experience by following a few suggestions: Please refrain from eating a full meal before your massages. Enjoy a warm shower or bath before your treatment. Turn off your phone and the television.

after the couples massage

A couple more suggestions: Take a few moments before rising from the massage table. Drink plenty of cool water to refresh and replenish. Enjoy a long soak in the tub, a warm shower or a nap.

form of payment

We graciously accept cash.

Credit cards: Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover.

the fine print

All massage equipment is professional grade. All massage tables are rated for 550 lbs. of working weight. All linens are freshly laundered for each client's use. Our massage oil is all natural, unscented, vegan and nut oil free.


the luxury in room or at home couples massage in las vegas

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