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the massage couple is the #1 5-star rated couples massage in Las Vegas!

  • "They are the BEST!!...We will continue to get our massages with The Massage Couple every year." - Jonathan & April M.  05/10/2018

"Interesting, fun and chill couple came, set up their tables in our hotel room. Great rate great massage." - Scott H. 04/21/2018

"Can't wait to see them again." - Teri H.  04/12/2018

  • "Don’t think twice about scheduling a couples massage with the massage couple!!" - Sue L. 03/09/2018 

"Will definitely see them again upon our next trip to Vegas."  -  Vernell J.  02/27/2018

"Joanne & Mark are professional and friendly with a great touch. They really know what they're doing and it shows." -  Sal P.  01/30/2018

  • "Very professional, great massage and a really great way to wind down the day." - Marilyn H. 01/18/2018

"very professional, on time, clean and very friendly, the massages are worth every dollar, they overall price was half what the hotel charged, highly recommended" - Abrar A.  12/11/2017

"Best massage we've had in a long time." -  Andy M.  09/03/2017

"Wonderful couples massage -super relaxing and very professional."  -  Katy P.  08/24/2017

"Absolutely fantastic massages. They were knowledgeable, professional, and personable with a great sense of touch."  -  Theresa P.  06/08/2017

"If you are in need of a great Therepudic massage, and would like someone to come to you (very convenient) I recommend them."  - Douglas L.  05/11/2017

Wonderful service, prompt, and of course, a great massage is always awesome!"  - Amber A.  04/22/2017

"They are very professional and friendly and made the overall experience fun. ...we both enjoyed our Swedish massages very much."  - Scharen C.  04/15/2017

We will hire them again!!!"
- Danielle R.  01/28/17

"Highly recommend !!!"
- Gary R.  01/28/17

“My wife and I have gotten many massages, and this one was as good as any we've ever gotten anywhere in the world."  - Pareen S.  12/27/2016

"Probably the best massage I've ever had. My wife loved hers too. We will definitely call them again.”  - Sal P. 12/22/2016

"Fantastic, relaxing couple massage.”  - Melinda W.  08/27/2016

This will definitely be added to our list of things to do while in Vegas.”  - Vicky F.  08/06/2016

"We loved the ease and convenience of booking and having them come to our room."  - Liz P.  06/08/2016

"Choose them you will surely be impressed!”  - Lisbeth L. 06/06/2016

"Highly recommended!"  - C. H.  05/18/2016

"Couldn't ask for more...cheaper than most spas, they come to your hotel room, they are totally normal and friendly, and the massage was awesome.”  - Peter C.  05/17/2016

"I'll just start off by saying it was absolutely perfect...If you haven't tried them yet, do yourself a favor and schedule an appointment."  - Ricardo B.  04/30/2016

"They showed up on time, setup quick and we felt very comfortable for having strangers in our room.”  - Kelly E.  04/13/2016

"If you're considering booking with them, DO IT. You won't be disappointed.”  - Tom B.  04/12/2016

"It was amazing… I highly recommend using them.”   -  Adelaide M.  02/29/2016

“Definitely a highlight of our trip! Very relaxing, fuss-free experience with true professionals. Would highly recommend these two!”  - Gina M.  12/20/2015

"I would recommend them any day! They are professional, on time, and extremely knowledgable in their craft."  - Gretchen J.  11/29/2015

"This was a great experience! I was a little Leary about having someone come to my room, but I trusted the reviews of my fellow yelpers, and I'm glad I did!”  -  Ashley C. 11/07/2015

"Would highly recommend to everyone!!!”  - Nicole J. 10/17/2015

"If you ever stay on the strip and want a couples massage do yourself a favor and contact the massage couple!"  - Matt S. 10/16/2015

"I highly recommend!”  - Lauren J.  08/29/2015

“We both enjoyed the massage immensely and it was so much more cost effective than getting a massage at the resort we were staying at.”  - Brenda C. 04/02/2015

"We decided this will be a tradition for us in Vegas!”  - April J. 03/11/2015

"we will definitely get another massage from them when we go bk to Vegas!!”  - John S.  02/25/2015

"One of the best massages I have ever had!…Highly HIGHLY recommend to anyone considering a Vegas massage." - Stephanie H. 12/03/2014

"My husband and I...will definitely book again when we return to Vegas. Recommended!”  - Rita F.  11/17/2014

"By far the BEST massage I have ever gotten…I highly recommend them. They really enjoy what they do and it shows.”  - Linda N. 11/11/2014

"The massage itself was superior to any massage I've had before and their pricing was overly reasonable." - Sarah L.  10/15/2014

"wow sooooo soooo good!…couldn't recommend them highly enough!"  - Prue R. 08/13/2014

"Great massage in our room for wife and I…Dedicatedly recommend.”  - Jorge B. 08/09/2014

"We highly recommend Mark and Joanne! Thank you for the wonderful massage!”  - Caroline P. 08/09/2014

“this is one of the best massage that my husband and I have ever had…it was fabulous…We look forward to doing this again soon!”  - Diana S. 07/31/2014

"They are extremely trustworthy, professional, prompt very fairly priced and most importantly phenomenal massage therapists”  - Cesar P. 07/03/2014

"We both feel absolutely amazing after having them come to our hotel room and highly recommend them to anyone wanting a couples massage”  - Angela K. 06/24/2014

"We were NOT disappointed.  They were on time, professional, and superior massage therapists. You should definitely give them a call. You will not be sorry!”  - Patricia L. 05/24/2014

"We were in search of an in-room massage that was safe, reputable, respectable, skillful and competitively priced. We found that and more with The Massage Couple.”  - Kara A. 04/09/2014

"This couple were very professional and very talented massage therapists…Next time in Vegas, we Will book with them again.”  - Caro M. 12/08/2013

"Absolutely awesome couple. Very professional and knowledgable."  - Kimberly R.  08/24/2013

"Reasonably priced, provided a wonderful and tailored service in the comfort of our hotel room. We will definitely be calling them on our next trip to Vegas."   - Heaven R.  08/14/2013

"The massage itself was one of the best, if not the best, we had ever had!...There is not one thing in Vegas I would more highly reccomened than these two!"  - Kate L.  02/06/2013

"they were AMAZING!!! Very professional, prompt, ontime, set up quickly and left quickly"  - BellyUp D.  11/14/2012

"The best kept secret in Las Vegas!"  - Debbie L.  06/23/2012

“It was an awesome experience! Very convenient, professional and priced better than most ... Highly recommend, will definitely rebook in future!”  - Heather S.  05/12/2012

“Great massage!  Very professional.”  - Jennefer W.  04/02/2012

“I am a regular visitor to vegas and know how hard it is to find a legal, respectable in room massage.... this couple is it and more.”  - Kenna R.  07/31/2011

“If you are doing the spa/massage gig in Vegas, this is the way to do it.”  - PottoKettle K.  05/10/2011

“They bring everything right to your hotel room, better and cheaper than going to your hotel's spa!”  - A. R.  04/27/2011 

“They were punctual, professional and very personable.”  - Zita G.  02/26/2011

“their wonderful hands were a welcome touch. We both felt great after the massage”  - Michael H.  11/09/2010 

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